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Kitchen deep or detailed cleaning is more than wiping counters, putting dishes away and cleaning the microwave. While tidying your kitchen daily is imperative for maintaining a space that always looks and feels its best, a regular deep cleaning is always a good idea. “Regular deep cleaning” here means something that falls between an after-dinner routine clean-up and a full-blown kitchen refresh (the kind where you soak the greasy oven hoods and dust your fridge’s condenser coils.

IcleanKitchens cleaning crew will tackle the hidden areas of the kitchen like underneath and behind the refrigerator, underneath the sink and other appliances, baseboards and door frames, light switches, ceiling fan blades, coffee maker, trash cans, drain and disposal and many others. Almost all kitchens will have 3 major appliances: the oven and stove top, dishwasher and refrigerator. Those 3 items requires special attention. Wiping down the surfaces and outside is not quite deep cleaning. Our crew will detail each appliance inside and out, top and bottom. We will detail all other appliances from microwaves to garbage disposals to coffee makers.  All cleaning will be done in an organized, efficient and effective manner.


IcleanKitchens Also offer cleaning services for other parts of the house as well such as outdoor kitchens, garages, sheds, yards

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